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We are mad about mushrooms and in particular exotic ones. These varieties are grown in our mushroom tunnel in Mittagong, NSW.


One of the oldest species of mushrooms cultivated from the Ancient Greeks. These are in constant demand in Australia due to their low yield.

Also known as Brown Cup mushrooms

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A traditional Japanese mushroom grown in bunches with long thin stems. Enoki have a delicate flavour but a pleasant crisp taste.

Also known as Enokitake, Golden or Winter mushrooms

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A superior mushroom by comparison due to its long shelf life. It offers a superior flavour and texture when compared to other species of Oyster mushrooms.

Also known as Eryngii

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A very popular mushroom in Japanese cuisine, the name describes a sticky substance on the cap of the mushrooms which adds to the flavour.

Also known as Namerako,  Japanese meaning slimy mushroom

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Oyster Mushrooms are fluted, oyster shell shaped vareities found on rotting tree stumps and fallen trees. They are common throughout North America.

Also known as Pleurotus

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First cultivated in China about AD1100 and later introduced into Japan

Also known as Black Forest Mushroom

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A Japanese mushroom that grows from fallen oak, beech or elm trees, there are many varieties but only one is cultivated in Australia at the moment.

Also known as Beech Mushrooms

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One of the most widely cultivated mushrooms, they are the strongest, richest and most robust of the white and brown mushrooms.

Related to the white agaricus variety

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An essential ingredient in Asian cooking, this mushroom provides a texture contrast and is ideal in soups.

Also known as Black Fungus or Cloud Ear

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